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Bleep Bloop StoryVis is a Story Visualisation Studio based in Sydney Australia. If you have an idea, or need creative development, we can help. Our aim is to combine the flexibility and speed of traditional storyboarding with 3D previsualisation, creating animatics that are both informative and emotionally resonant. Whether your project is Film, TVC or VR, we help create content that gets greenlit.

We call this process “StoryVis”.


Having helped with creative, story and previsualisation on some of the biggest films of the last 5 years, we can guarantee that our team we will work closely with the Director and Cinematographer to ensure their visions are fully explored and ultimately realised before a cent is spent on production.

We’ve worked directly with Directors Chris McKay, (The Lego Batman Movie), George Miller (Happy Feet), Alex Proyas (Gods of Egypt), Lord and Miller (Lego Movie), Angelina Jolie (Unbroken), Russell Crowe (Water Diviner) and famed cinematographer Roger Deakins to deliver on sequences, and in some cases on set with extremely fast turnaround times.


Bleep Bloop has developed several full scale Virtual Reality experiences in-house, and holds the patent for an optical VR camera. We know VR.

Our VR Story Visualisation process is a drawing based approach that allows us to simultaneously produce traditional boards, full animatics, and a fully immersive steroscopic VR experience from a single workflow. As soon as the first board is drawn, we have a virtual world the client can enter. VR truly shows off the strength of the StoryVis technique.


Planning a TV Commercial or Music Video? Whether you have a creative brief, or need an experienced director to work with you to create something from scratch, we can help.

StoryVis is about minimising budget and maximising creativity. Other approaches would require Storyboarding, Previsualisation and Tech Visualisation, often at separate studios. Our “StoryVis” Technology allows for us to solve for these creative and technical problems in a single pass, building assets which can be directly used as the basis for the final rendered product, or viewed from multiple angles to inform set builds, blocking and camera rig placement on set, and shaving thousands off the budget.

“Underworld: Blood Wars” ©2016 Lakeshore Entertainment

Story Visualisation, or StoryVis™ is Bleep Bloop’s proprietary method of visualising sequences, commercials, music videos and VR within a full 3D Pipeline. We combine the best of traditional storyboarding with the power of pre-visualisation to bring you something truly unique.

“StoryVis™ is Storyboarding in 3D.”

When your production needs maximum creative flexibility, complex technical planning and exceptionally fast and reactive turnaround, nothing compares with StoryVis™. Tested in some of the most demanding environments for some of the biggest films of the last few years, StoryVis has cut sequence design time down by as much as two thirds, while retaining the emotive quality of hand drawn storyboards. We can even recreate your real location or set and StoryVis™ at true scale within this environment, leaving you with no surprises on the day of the shoot.

Our network of Directors and Artists can help you achieve your vision, whether you are a rolling production, or in need of full creative conceptualisation.

Visualisation Methods and their Turnaround Times


Traditional Storyboarding0

StoryVis™ by Bleep Bloop0

StoryVis by Bleep Bloop

Why choose to visualise your next production with StoryVis by Bleep Bloop?

  • StoryVis by Bleep Bloop can cut sequence development time in half.
  • Clients can read the emotions of the characters while WIP
  • A flexible pipeline allows boards to be reframed and re-cast at any time.
  • We’re world class artists, often servicing tentpole blockbusters films.
  • Our tech allows Bleep Bloop to Visualise for tricky industries like VR with ease.
  • One pipeline, from concept through to final delivery.

latest work

The Bleep Bloop Team has been busy! Here are a few of the projects we’ve been involved with lately.

  • The Lego Batman Movie

    Bleep Bloop’s Laurence Andrews, and Lachlan Phillips work with Animal Logic and director Chris McKay to conceptualise several sequences on the latest installment of The Lego Movie franchise. Our contributions included Storyboarding, Previsualisation, Story Visualisation, as well as helping to establish cinematographic styles and the lens kit.


  • Underworld: Blood Wars

    Bleep Bloop Story Visualisation was tasked with crafting sequences which were later recreated shot by shot on set.


  • Unbroken

    Bleep Bloop’s Lachlan Phillips works with The Third Floor to deliver sequences to Director Angelina Jolie and Cinematographer Roger Deakins.


Why StoryVis?

Imagine drawing in 3D. We help you visualise your story in full 3D before production begins.

Storyboards are emotive, but not dynamic. Previs is dynamic, but not emotive.

StoryVis combines these two disciplines into one, allowing for emotionally resonant animatics that audiences relate to and directors love. Through StoryVis, our drawings have a relationship in 3D space, allowing us to create full 3D scenes at the speed of thought, finding techvis, previs and story solutions in a single pass.

Beautiful frames

Gone are the days of your animatics looking like video games from the 90s. StoryVis means that your fully 3D scenes have the quality of hand drawn boards.

Fully interactive

Interactively visualise with us. We can easily redraw expressions, paint props and reframe boards. StoryVis™ with us and gain ultimate creative flexibility for your project. Even for VR!


StoryVis components are drawn once and used over and over again, resulting in exponential speed.

Industry Proven

Our proprietary software, methods and artists have helped deliver millions of dollars in box office revenue under the guidance of some of the world's biggest directors.

emotionally resonant

Previs strips out all emotion from the storyboards. StoryVis puts it back. Complex camera moves AND expressive characters. Now you can have both.

world class artistry

Work with some of the world's leading visualisation experts, and know your vision will finally be realised.


Bleep Bloop is a collective of Australian and International Filmmakers who come together to make award winning content. Hailing from internationally renowned companies like Animal Logic, Pixar, Weta and The Third Floor, we bring a wealth of experience gained from working on tentpole blockbusters with first class directors.


Lachlan Phillips


Ned Walker

Senior StoryVis Artist

Laurence Andrews

StoryVis Lead


A few of our favourite frames!


Let’s collaborate! Feel free to give us a call any time to discuss your project, and we can help find a solution.

Bleep Bloop, Sydney Australia

Email: Phone: +61 410 551 241